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The textile and clothing industry has traditionally been one of the most important sectors of the industry in the Republic of Belarus but it continues to suffer from a weak capacity utilization, an inadequate management and marketing as well as from a considerable backlog in the technological renewal of the equipment park. By the other side, Italy represents one of the lead country in textile sector, not only for fashion or brands, but, most of all, as an important equipment producer. The project is motivated by the conviction that actually, even more because the pandemic crisis and the political restrictions that effected the economic relationships, the success of the SMEs in each sector, but especially in textile sector that is extremely influenced by eastern producers, is achievable in EaP Countries only with a “win-win” combination.

In order to overcome the weakness of the Belarusian technological system and the lack of knowledge, well underlined inside the EU4BU Sectorial strategy, the Partnership built an Action, granted by Eurochambres, that will not only foster connection between demand and supply, but that aims to value the role of the BSOs improving their effectiveness. This project enhances the proactive role of Belarusian BSOs in offering new services to the local and abroad SMEs that can allow them to grown up establishing joint venture agreements with Italian partners that, in their turn, might be interested by the unique fiscal and administrative advantages in Belarus. By the other side this Action improves also the proactive role of Italian BSOs in fostering internationalization processes of their members enhancing research and innovation, better informing about financial supports in EaP Countries and better valuing the ability of Italian mentors in handwork processes.

Winvest Belarus: Benvenuto
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